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Company: Sinotc Chemicals Co., LTD

Contact: Yang Ynez

Cel: +86 18616231207

Address: 1406, NO 1101, Pudong (s) Rd, Pudong, Shanghai, China

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Sinotc Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a registered company in hongkong 2005 has many experiences of marketings of refrigerants, under the premise that we transform information into knowledge. Dedicated to the sale of refrigerants purposes for the refrigeration industry, we aim to help increase productivity and efficiency of businesses and organizations through effective market management.
We strive to be the provider of comprehensive service for all our customers around the world. Our broad product line provides alternatives for almost any refrigeration coolants environmental protection, new generation of materials.
To meet the needs of customers we are committed to our customers, providing a permanent improvement in product quality, service and granted the opportunity to deliver at the lowest possible cost. Our commitment is to be a help to our customers in solving technically, all dificultadres that may arise in the works we serve.
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